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Azure Pipelines

Use the following Azure Pipelines YAML template

Add the following job in your azure-pipelines.yaml file

  # Run MegaLinter to detect linting and security issues
  - job: MegaLinter
      vmImage: ubuntu-latest
      # Checkout repo
      - checkout: self

      # Pull MegaLinter docker image
      - script: docker pull oxsecurity/megalinter:v7
        displayName: Pull MegaLinter

      # Run MegaLinter
      - script: |
          docker run -v $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory):/tmp/lint \
            --env-file <(env | grep -e SYSTEM_ -e BUILD_ -e TF_ -e AGENT_) \
            -e SYSTEM_ACCESSTOKEN=$(System.AccessToken) \
            -e GIT_AUTHORIZATION_BEARER=$(System.AccessToken) \
        displayName: Run MegaLinter

      # Upload MegaLinter reports
      - task: PublishPipelineArtifact@1
        condition: succeededOrFailed()
        displayName: Upload MegaLinter reports
          targetPath: "$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/megalinter-reports/"
          artifactName: MegaLinterReport

To benefit from Pull Request comments, please follow configuration instructions