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TAP Reporter

Posts a pack of TAP logs , zipped as a GitHub Action artifact

  • A separate TAP file for each processed linter

Warning: When TAP_REPORTER is true:

  • Performances: all linters with CLI lint mode list_of_files are switched to file mode, so linter is called ont time per file to analyze
  • Scope: all linters with CLI lint mode project are deactivated

For those reasons… why not having a look at SARIF reporter, that doesn't have those issues ?


Access GitHub action run


Click on Artifacts then click on MegaLinter reports


Open the downloaded zip file and browse linters TAP reports

Other CI tools

If you aren't using GitHub Actions, you can export mega-linter.log and folder <WORKSPACE>/megalinter-reports


Variable Description Default value
TAP_REPORTER Activates/deactivates reporter false
TAP_REPORTER_OUTPUT_DETAIL If detailed, all files will be in TAP output, else only files with issues will be present simple
TAP_REPORTER_SUB_FOLDER Sub-folder of reports folder containing tap logs tap