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Azure Comment Reporter

Posts Mega-Linter results summary in the comments of the related Azure Pipelines pull request (if existing)


Click on MegaLinter-reports artifact from the main job log to view or download results.



  • The following variables must be sent to the docker run command


      - script: |
          docker run -v $(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory):/tmp/lint \
            --env-file <(env | grep -e SYSTEM_ -e BUILD_ -e TF_ -e AGENT_) \
            -e SYSTEM_ACCESSTOKEN=$(System.AccessToken) \
            -e GIT_AUTHORIZATION_BEARER=$(System.AccessToken) \
        displayName: Run MegaLinter
  • You must allow Contribute and Contribute to Pull Requests on your Build Service (Settings -> Repositories -> Select your build service)


Variable Description Default value
AZURE_COMMENT_REPORTER Activates/deactivates reporter true
AZURE_COMMENT_REPORTER_LINKS_TYPE Set to build if you want comments linking to target Build and not artifacts page artifacts
REPORTERS_MARKDOWN_TYPE Set to simple to avoid external images in generated markdown advanced