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Gitlab Comment Reporter

Posts MegaLinter results summary in the comments of the related Gitlab merge request (if existing)


Click on hyperlinks to access detailed logs (click on Download in Artifacts section at the left of a CI job page)


After a first MegaLinter run, a comment is posted on the MR. To avoid multiplicating MegaLinter MR comments, future MegaLinter runs will update the existing MR comment instead of posting a new one.

If you really want a new MR comment for each MegaLinter run, define variable GITLAB_COMMENT_REPORTER_OVERWRITE_COMMENT to false.



Variable Description Default value
GITLAB_COMMENT_REPORTER Activates/deactivates reporter true
GITLAB_ACCESS_TOKEN_MEGALINTER Must contain a Gitlab private access token defined with api access
GITLAB_COMMENT_REPORTER_OVERWRITE_COMMENT Set to false to not overwrite existing comments in case of new runs on the same Merge Request true
GITLAB_CUSTOM_CERTIFICATE SSL certificate value to connect to Gitlab
GITLAB_CERTIFICATE_PATH Path to SSL certificate to connect to Gitlab (if SSL cert has been manually defined with PRE_COMMANDS)
REPORTERS_MARKDOWN_TYPE Set to simple to avoid external images in generated markdown advanced

Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to John Berkers for his assistance in making Gitlab reporter work with self-hosted gitlab instances secured by certificates :)