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SARIF Reporter (beta)

Generates a full execution log in SARIF format within a file named mega-linter-report.sarif , located in report folder.

Note: Only linters able to handle SARIF will provide output in the aggregated SARIF file.

This reporter is deactivated by default.




Activate the reporter (SARIF_REPORTER: true) to generate JSON report file.

If you want GitHub to handle the SARIF file to display it in its UI, add the following step in your GitHub Action Workflow.

- name: Upload MegaLinter scan results to GitHub Security tab
if: success() || failure()
uses: github/codeql-action/upload-sarif@v2
    sarif_file: 'megalinter-reports/megalinter-report.sarif'


Variable Description Default value
SARIF_REPORTER Activates/deactivates reporter false
SARIF_REPORTER_NORMALIZE_LINTERS_OUTPUT Remove DEFAULT_WORKSPACE prefix in SARIF-files, for example 'DEFAULT_WORKSPACE/src/main' would be 'src/main' etc. true
SARIF_REPORTER_FILE_NAME File name for SARIF report output file mega-linter-report.sarif
SARIF_REPORTER_LINTERS List of linter keys that will output SARIF (if not set, all SARIF compliant linters will output SARIF) []