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They talk about MegaLinter

English articles

Article Author
Limit your technical debt and secure your code base using MegaLinter Nicolas Vuillamy
MegaLinter sells his soul and joins OX Security Nicolas Vuillamy
Linting a Jekyll blog with MegaLinter Alec Johnson
Node.js Coding Standard Tools with MegaLinter on Gitlab CI Albion Bame
Open-source linters landscape in 2021 CĂ©dric Teyton
How to linter basic things like trailing whitespaces and newlines Nicolai Antiferov
How to apply security at the source using GitOps Edu Minguez
Linting - What is all the fluff about? Neil Shepard, University Of Sheffield
Talk about the Kotlin plugins Kover, Ktlint and Detekt. Made for the AmsterdamJUG meetup. Simone de Gijt
GitOps security topics you must address Wiebe de Roos
GitHub Actions: sharing your secrets with third-party actions Constantin Bosse and Stephen Hosom
Make Clojure tasks simple and consistent Practicalli
Writing documentation as a champ in engineering teams Gijs Reijn
Level up your Unity Packages with CI/CD RunningMattress
Use the Workflows JSON schema in your IDE Google Cloud
8 Tools to Scan Node.js Applications for Security Vulnerability Chandan Kumar on

French articles

Article Author
MegaLinter, votre meilleur ami pour un code de qualité Thomas Sanson


  • Code quality - Ep01 - MegaLinter, one linter to rule them all, by Bertrand Thomas

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