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Gitlab Comment Reporter

Posts Mega-Linter results summary in the comments of the related merge request (if existing)


Click on hyperlinks to access detailed logs (click on Download in Artifacts section at the left of a CI job page)




Variable Description Default value
GITLAB_COMMENT_REPORTER Activates/deactivates reporter true
GITLAB_API_URL URL where the github API can be reached
May be overridden if using self-hosted Gitlab
GITLAB_SERVER_URL URL of the Gitlab instance
May be overridden if using self-hosted Gitlab
GITLAB_ACCESS_TOKEN_MEGALINTER Must contain a Gitlab private access token defined with api access
GITLAB_CUSTOM_CERTIFICATE SSL certificate value to connect to Gitlab
GITLAB_CERTIFICATE_PATH Path to SSL certificate to connect to Gitlab (if SSL cert has been manually defined with PRE_COMMANDS)

Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to John Berkers for his assistance in making Gitlab reporter work with self-hosted gitlab instances secured by certificates :)