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MegaLinter can run custom commands before running linters (for example, installing an plugin required by one of the linters you use)

Example in .mega-linter.yml config file

  - command: npm install eslint-plugin-whatever
    cwd: "root"        # Will be run at the root of MegaLinter docker image
    secured_env: true  # True by default, but if defined to false, no global variable will be hidden (for example if you need GITHUB_TOKEN)
  - command: echo "pre-test command has been called"
    cwd: "workspace"   # Will be run at the root of the workspace (usually your repository root)
    continue_if_failed: False  # Will stop the process if command is failed (return code > 0)
  - command: pip install flake8-cognitive-complexity
    venv: flake8 # Will be run within flake8 python virtualenv. There is one virtualenv per python-based linter, with the same name